How To Find A Job In A New City Before Moving

My sister wanted to move to Melbourne for a long time but had no job offers in hand. She was very keen on getting one though, before she made the plunge, so she did her research and found an informative article that listed the different ways she could get a job before moving. From contacting agents to listing her new location, writing her reason for moving and applying on job portals, there were plenty of effective tips online to help her out. She used these tips and secured a job in a good company and immediately set out to relocate to her favourite city. I am now sharing the article that helped her here so that you can also use these tips and move to your favourite city.


Elysian Energy enters voluntary administration after doubling its electricity prices in June

Australian-based energy retailer Elysian Energy has been placed into voluntary administration, becoming the seventh boutique provider this year to succumb to the global energy crisis.
The move comes less than two months after the solar-based company told their customers to expect prices to increase by more than 100 per cent.

The ABC has contacted Elysian Energy for comment.

An email from Elysian to customers said existing customers would be appointed to a new retailer under the Retailer of Last Resort scheme by the Australian Energy Regulator and Essential Services Commission Victoria.

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Class action launched on behalf of anti-mining protesters who were capsicum sprayed by Victoria Police

A class action has been launched against the Victorian government over the use by police of capsicum spray against anti-mining protesters in Melbourne three years ago.
The legal action relates to demonstrations outside the International Mining and Resources Conference at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre in October 2019.

Police arrested numerous people over several days of protests, and used capsicum spray to break up climate activists who’d gathered outside the venue.

The class action claims the use of capsicum spray was unlawful and excessive, and that protesters were not causing an immediate threat to police officers or the public.

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Melbourne artist Efterpi Soropos creates Human Rooms for aged care, palliative care to improve end-of-life experience

When Efterpi Soropos’s mother was dying from breast cancer in the 1990s, the artist was struck by the intense light and chaotic sounds of her hospital room.

That experience and a desire to change end-of-life experiences would change the course of her work.

Ms Soropos has since spent more than a decade researching the effect of hospital environments on patients and created experimental immersive installations, known as Human Rooms, in a bid to change the atmosphere in hospitals.

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