Teen survives after falling off cliff in Barwon Heads near Geelong

A boy, 14, has survived after falling off a cliff on to rocks below at Barwon Heads.

Police and emergency services rescued the boy using a helicopter after he fell from the cliff near Bluff Road, Barwon Heads, on Saturday just after 4:10pm, a Victoria Police spokesperson said.

While police initially said the boy fell when a cliff face collapsed, police on the ground confirmed the boy fell around 40 metres but the cliff face had not collapsed.

It is just over a week since a man died after part of a cliff collapsed at Bells Beach.

Sergeant Nathan Jones from Victoria Police told the ABC the rescue effort was a success, despite the risks

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Park Hotel detainees housed alongside Novak Djokovic describe ‘disgusting’ and ‘cruel’ conditions

The plight of 32 detainees at Melbourne’s infamous Park Hotel has been overshadowed this week by the detention of Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic.
The group of refugees and asylum seekers — many feeling forgotten and abandoned after up to nine years of indefinite detention — watched from their windows as crowds gathered in the streets below waving Serbian flags and chanting support for the tennis great.

Djokovic was sent to the Park Hotel on Wednesday night after the federal government cancelled his visa for failing to meet its entry requirement that all non-citizens be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

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How To Deep Clean Your House Before Christmas?

Hello friends,
Christmas is one of the most popular festivals and everyone waits for it every year. It is a time you have parties and gathering at home to celebrate with near and dear ones. Therefore, keeping your house neat and tidy before the guests arrive is crucial to make a good impression and make our home welcoming. You can hire professional cleaners in Melbourne to deep clean your house and make it presentable. However, if you plan to do it yourself, here are experts tips on how to thoroughly sanitise your home before Christmas. Have a look.

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How rooftop solar on skyscrapers and the MCG could help Melbourne get to net zero

With Australia now committed to net zero domestic emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050, the focus is on how to achieve that — from the national scale down to the state and city levels.
What would it take, for instance, for an Australian city to be net zero?

Monash University researchers have been looking at a part of this puzzle; by mapping sunlight in the City of Melbourne, they’ve calculated how much solar energy this urban area could produce.

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Experts say simple steps have helped Victoria’s stillbirth rate fall for the first time in 20 years

Victorian maternity services that introduced the Safer Baby Bundle between 2019 and 2021 have seen a 21 per cent decline in stillbirths — the first real change to the state’s stillbirth rate in almost two decades.
According to Safer Care Victoria, 20 stillbirths were prevented over an 18-month period after the initiative was introduced to 15 maternity services across the state.

“This is a remarkable achievement and a life-changing outcome for 20 Victorian families,” a summary of the program said.

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IBAC investigates after police allegedly share photo of former AFL coach Dani Laidley with ‘vile’ comments

Victoria’s public sector watchdog is appealing for information after an unsolicited photo of former AFL coach Dani Laidley was allegedly shared by police officers along with transphobic comments.
The photo of Ms Laidley was allegedly taken at the Ballan Cup at Geelong Racecourse on Saturday November 6.

“IBAC is asking any member of the public or police personnel who witnessed the photo being taken, or has information about the photo in a text message being sent or received, to contact IBAC,” the watchdog said in a statement.

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How Is Cleaning Good for Your Mind and Body

When it comes to physical and mental health, people generally pay attention to workouts, a balanced diet, meditation, etc. However, they overlooked a very crucial factor which is cleaning the house. If your house is full of dust, dirt and germs, you cannot stay healthy despite following a healthy diet and workout. If you need more information, then I can share an excellent article with you. I have recently read the post, which has detailed information on how is cleaning good for your mind and body. After reading the post, I have included dusting in my daily chores, and now, I am satisfied with the result. Read the article thoroughly.

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At Melbourne’s anti-lockdown protests, everyone has a different version of the truth

After days of covering anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne, one thing became clear after I spoke to protesters and their supporters.

Most of them say they are thoroughly engaged with their own communication and messaging loop.

And the community at large has theirs, in the form of mainstream media.

Two silos of information that rarely cross over.

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Fines issued after Melbourne truck drivers block freeway in protest action

Police have fined 16 people this morning after a truck convoy shut down two lanes of Melbourne’s Tullamarine Freeway in this week’s first anti-vaccination protest.
Six trucks took part in the blockade as part of ongoing protests against mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations in Melbourne.
About a dozen police cars swarmed the major freeway, with traffic banked up several kilometres all the way to Bell Street.

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Victoria sets new COVID record as daily cases spike above 800

Victoria has set another record in daily COVID-19 cases, with the figure jumping to more than 800 for just the second time ever.

On Tuesday, the health department confirmed there had been 867 cases in the 24 hours until midnight.

There were also four more COVID-related deaths reported.

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